I will work between the parties, exploring your individual positions, interests and needs. I will build trust and assist each party to hear and understand what the other party is really saying. I will challenge each party in relation to their stated position in order to explore any strengths or weaknesses and present and reframe the issues to help achieve resolution. If agreement is reached, the disputant parties with my assistance will then draft the resolution agreement.


Duration of Sessions

The structure and length of the mediation process will vary depending on the type of dispute. Generally, an Agreement to Mediate will be signed at the outset and I will meet with the parties separately and then together in sessions over a number of days or weeks. If agreement is reached, this will be recorded and signed at the mediation, and further steps which may be required to make the agreement legally enforceable may follow. Separating couples should each independently consult with a solicitor prior to the mediation process to establish their rights and obligations.

From our first meeting, in all coaching and mediation cases, I am focused on making sure we work to achieve your goals in a timely manner. All sessions are carried out in complete confidentiality.


Qualifications and Experience

I am a Mediation Practitioner with the Mediators Institute of Ireland and as such have successfully completed an MII advanced assessment of my mediation skills. I am a skilled mediator specialising in the Separating Couples, Community and Workplace sectors. As a Practitioner with many years’ experience in the field of mediation, I provide a safe environment for those participating. My style is effective and respectful while empowering my clients to move forward towards a positive outcome.

Qualifications: Diploma in Mediation (CRMC)/Mediation Practitioner (MII) & Mediation for Separating Couples Certification.



The fee for each appointment is €120 per hour.

Brian deals with all clients in a calm and calming manner.

A combination of Brian’s personality, training and experience equips him very well for coaching.

My experience of Brian is that he is a very calm, thoughtful and measured person and that he is good at giving an alternative view of things.
— Feedback from clients