• Business and personal development courses in assertiveness and conflict management with the City of Dublin Education Training Board 10 week evening courses run twice yearly in January and September.
  • Level 2 training in conflict management for those who have completed the CDETB programme or with similar experience commencing September 2018.
  • Workshops for mediators and coaches to enhance their professional practice held on a regular basis.
  • Bespoke training and facilitation provided to groups and organisations (fees on request).


‘Prevention is better than Cure’ - Building a Conflict Competence Culture

Conflict can have a positive outcome and provide a catalyst for growth and change once it is managed effectively. This can be achieved through early intervention by providing training to staff in how to manage inter-personal conflict.
In my training as a professional mediator and conflict management coach I have developed extensive skills and knowledge in the behavioural causes of conflict. 
Examples of constructive conflict behaviour include:
Creating Solutions                                                                          
Reflective Thinking                                                                         
Examples of destructive conflict behaviour include:
Winning at all costs
Displaying anger
Traits of people that can trigger conflict include:
Types of behaviour used by people engaged in conflict include:
Passive Aggressive
I provide training to organisations in the following areas:

  • awareness of how they handle conflict
  • dealing with destructive conflict behaviours
  • alternative constructive behaviours
  • understanding what triggers individuals into conflict
  • effective conflict management
  • team building    

Qualifications and Experience

I combine my knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of Mediation, Conflict Management and Mind Coaching to deliver a highly effective and enjoyable learning experience. The training I provide is very practical and results oriented and clients are empowered with greater awareness and new skills in conflict management and teamwork on completion of the course.

Qualifications: QQI Level 6 Group Work Theory and Practice (Distinction), QQI Level 6 Trainer (Distinction), Mediation Practitioner (M.I.I.), Mind Coach (I.I.N.L.P.), Conflict Management Coach (Cinergy).


Courses Available

  • 1 day introductory course in Conflict Awareness
  • 2 day course in Conflict Awareness and developing Conflict Management skills
  • 3 day course in Conflict Awareness, developing Conflict Management skills and Team Building.

Courses suitable for up to 10 participants. Courses can be tailored to suit organisational needs. Rates are available on request.


The classes were great and I learnt a lot particularly through role play and receiving feedback.
— Ola, Dublin
I’ve learnt a lot about how to solve and
be assertive in conflict situations.
— Iara, Dublin
This course helped me both personally and in the workplace.
— Pauline, Dublin