Is conflict weighing you down? Are you lacking in confidence and unassertive?
Stressed, hurt, confused or angry? Mediation, Coaching and Training can help.

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Do you know many people suffer stress and burn out due to conflict?

Very often people caught up in conflict are unassertive and feel powerless. They may then withdraw and feel totally demoralised. This can lead to feelings of disconnection and not being able to think straight. Conflict can put us into a tailspin of devastating pain, hurt, anger and resentment. The good news is that need not be the case. Many people have learnt the skills to prevent, defuse or resolve disagreements and disputes in both their personal and business lives. Even the simple act of quietly breathing deeply and calmly can have a real benefit. If learning how to deal effectively with conflict is of interest to you I am here to help.


My name is Brian O’Connell, based in Dublin and I am accredited, fully insured and registered to practice as a

Mind Coach, Mediator, TRAINER and Conflict Management Coach.


As a Mind Coach I specialise in enabling clients to use their minds more effectively in overcoming difficulties, achieving goals and realising their true potential.

I also Coach individual clients to build conflict intelligence and develop skills in managing conflicts and interpersonal difficulties.

As a Mediator I specialise in helping people deal with conflict arising in the community or workplace or as a result of couples separating.

As a Trainer I deliver very practical, enjoyable and results oriented courses.