This service allows a person who is experiencing conflict in particular situations or within certain relationships to develop constructive ways of managing these situations and/or relationships

I will enable you through step-by-step questioning to understand and evaluate your conflict situation. Using a non-directive client-led approach you will then prepare and implement an appropriate strategy to effectively address specific disputes and unhelpful traits and habits. The aim of the process is to develop greater competency in conflict management skills. If it is required I will coach you to participate in mediation, negotiation and relational conflict.  


From our first meeting, in all coaching and mediation cases, I am focused on making sure we work to achieve your goals in a timely manner. All sessions are carried out in complete confidentiality.


Qualifications and Experience

I have experience in the Business and Community sectors as a Conflict Management Coach helping individuals to manage conflict more effectively, improve communication skills and learn how to deal with strong emotions in a healthy way.

Qualifications: Conflict Management Coach(CINERGY)/Conflict Dynamics Profiling Consultant(Eckerd College).



A typical session takes about 2 hours. The fee for each appointment is €120 per session.

Brian deals with all clients in a calm and calming manner.

A combination of Brian’s personality, training and experience equips him very well for coaching.

My experience of Brian is that he is a very calm, thoughtful and measured person and that he is good at giving an alternative view of things.
— Feedback from clients